Decentralized stocks on ethereum Deus Finance

In simple words , there will be a oracle which writes stock prices to a ethereum contract . Ethereum smart contracts cannot make an api call to external world . So , to get a price Deus will get prices from this contract .

So , whoever wants to buy a stock ex:- apple . They need to buy it with deus coin . Suppose apple price is 10 DEUS . For 100 DEUS , they will get 10 apple stocks . Now this DEUS goes to the treasury . There will be no slippage you can buy as much you can .

Now stock price went to 11 DEUS . You can exchange back your all your stock to get 110 DEUS . THIS DEUS will come from treasuery . ( technically you may get less DEUS back , since stock price is pegged in USD . )


The answer is nope . There will be multiple people buying and selling stock . So, platform will be in loss only in the case where there are no buyers at 11 DEUS .

So what’s the supply of DEUS ?

INFINITE , YES . But ,price increases with supply . Wait how is that even possible ???

DEUS emission is controlled by a curve . IF you need to mint DEUS , you need to exchange your ETH at current DUES/ETH price on curve . This is an exponential curve . As supply increases ,The no of DEUS you get for ETH decreases . So each DEUS is backed by ETH

So the stonks are backed by DEUS and the DEUS is backed by ETH . More the new money enters in to stocks . More the price of DEUS . As you need to have DEUS to buy a stock

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